Rhizon samplers, for extracting pore water

Rhizon SMS in the field


Rhizons for sampling pore water

Rhizon samplers extract small volumes of pore water from soil and sediments, in an easy, non-destructive way. They can be used for sampling water from unsaturated soils as well as from saturated zones.

For the measurement of all dissolved compounds in soil moisture or water, Rhizon samplers can be used. The mean pore size of the porous part is 0.15 µm, hence filtering the samples before analyzing is unnecessary.

New: Also Rhizons with a mean pore size of 0.6 µm are available. Have a look on Rhizons or contact us

Rhizon samplers are made of inert polymer with no ion exchange properties. Other advantages of Rhizons are their small diameter and low dead volume. Rhizons are easy to handle and once installed for an experiment, they can be used frequently.

MicroRhizon - Rhizon male - Rhizon female - MacroRhizon

For scientific research in all fields, all over the world

For research in soil science, plant physiology, marine geochemistry and environmental issues, Rhizons are used frequently. For each purpose, for instance field research, green house experiments, core and rhizotron sampling in the laboratory, or subsea floor sediments, there is a specific Rhizon.

They can also be used for irrigation experiments. For more information about the different types of Rhizons, click here.

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