RhizoCera: when mechanical strength is important

RhizoCera, made from pure Al2O3, are the type of Rhizons to use when mechanical strength is important, for instance when there are stones, gravel or cracking soils, or when rodents or biting insects are present. Like other Rhizons, RhizoCera are non-destructive and can be used in saturated and unsaturated soils.

RhizoCera have an outer diameter of 4 mm, a pore size of 0.7 µm and a nylon tip. The bubble point is > 2 bar. Due to the thin wall of the RhizoCera, the flux is relatively high. RhizoCera have a flux of 0.5 ml/min/bar. All RhizoCera are sold per set of 10.

Please note: As RhizoCera are made from pure Al2O3, so adsorption and ion exchange will take place. Please consider this in your experiments.

Available RhizoCera

RhizoCera number cm porous

(in mm)

male/female extra information
RhizoCera - 19.21.61 19.21.61 female  
  19.21.62 5 4 plain (no luer) can be connected to silicon tube


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