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Are you looking for an easy and non-destructive way for sampling pore water? The Rhizon samplers developed by Rhizosphere Research Products use a special membrane and the force of a vacuum to extract pore water. Our products are used in various fields of research and environmental issues all over the world.


Rhizon Samplers

Rhizon samplers offer a unique way to sample pore water from soils and sediments by creating a vacuum. Compared to other measures of extracting pore water, Rhizon samplers offer numerous advantages:

  • non-destructive; the soil structure stays intact
  • inert; there is no ion exchange and no adsorbtion
  • small diameter, so a low dead volume
  • hydrophilic membrane
  • once wet, only permeable for liquid (no air)
  • suitable for both saturated and unsaturated soils
  • suitable for meausring all dissolved components
  • disposable, but once installed suitable for repeated sampling
  • no need for additional filtering, this is already done by the membrane


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Varieties of Rhizons

Are you interested in the composition of pore water? We offer suitable Rhizon samplers for every type of research and research set-up. Do the standard options not fulfill your needs? Customization is possible!

Are you having trouble on deciding the right Rhizon for your research? Send us an email and we are happy to help.