Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need for sampling?

For sampling pore water, you need a Rhizon sampler and accessories to create a vacuum. For Rhizon samplers with a female luer lock, you need a syringe. For Rhizon samplers with a male luer lock, you need a needle and a vacuum tube, or you can use a FF-connector and create a vacuum with a syringe.

If you use syringes to create a vacuum, we recommend wooden retainers to block the plunger which keeps the vacuum.

I have installed the Rhizon, but I cannot extract water.

Perhaps you forgot to remove the protection cap (blue or red). Remove it and recreate a vacuum.

Cleaning and reuse of Rhizons

Can I clean my Rhizons after the experiment and use them again?

No, all Rhizons are disposables.

However, if you rinse them with a weak acid (pH>3), brush them and subsequently rinse with demineralized water, you check them on leakage (pressure 2 bar) and you let them dry for at least 24 hours, you could use them again. Be aware that cross contamination might occur. Rhizosphere Research Products does not guarantee a successful reuse of Rhizons.

Special products

Is it possible to order Rhizons with another length of the porous part? Or another length of tubing?

Yes, you can order customized Rhizons with other lengths of porous part and / or tubing. Please send an email with your request to

Is it possible to order Rhizons with a bigger pore size of 0.15 µm?

Yes, nowadays there are also Rhizons with a pore size of 0.6 µm. These Rhizons are only available with a female luer lock, so the vacuum has to be created with a syringe. 

Delivery time

What is the delivery time of Rhizons?

We aim to ship the Rhizons within one week.


What is the difference between Rhizon MOM samplers and Rhizon CSS samplers?

Rhizon MOM samplers have a tip with a bulb (2.8 mm), Rhizon CSS samplers have a flat tip (2.5 mm). The diameter of the flat tip is the same as the diameter of the porous part, which makes that there is direct contact between the soil and the porous part. Therefore Rhizon CSS samplers are suitable for direct sampling, whereas Rhizon MOM samplers need several hours or days to achieve a good contact between soil and sampler.

tip Rhizon MOM and Rhizon CSS

Rhizon CSS - flat tip - direct sampling

Rhizon MOM - bulb tip - waiting time



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