Product properties

Technical specifications of the Rhizon microfiltration membrane

Basic characteristics

  • Microfiltration membrane with a nominal pore size of 0.12 - 0.18 µm
  • Hydrophilic membrane composed of a blend of polyvinylpyrrolidine and polyethersulfone
  • Structure asymmetric/microporous
  • High performance and a very good anti-fouling behaviour
  • Suitable for filtatrion outside-in and inside-out

Performance data

pH-range 2 - 12
Temperature 1 - 90      ºC
Pressure   -300 - +300 kPa

Solvent resistance







 Organic esters, ketones, ethers


 Aliphatic alcohols


 Aliphatic hydrocarbons


 Halogenated hydrocarbons


 Aromatic hydrocarbons


 Polar organic solvents





Store in a dry, normally ventilated place, away from sources of heat, ignition and direct sunlight. Store between 0 and 50 ºC (32 - 122F). The membrane modules should not be subjected to any freezing temperatures.

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