Rhizon Irrigator

Rhizon Irrigator for passive irrigation

Rhizon Irrigators can be used for the passive irrigation in small pots or RhizonBoxes during growth experiments. Instead of irrigation with nutrified water, also experiments with polluted solutions can be done. The top end (blue female luer + stopcock) of the Rhizon Irrigator has to be used to flush regularly, in order to remove air bubbles which occur due to the subatmospheric pressure in the system.

By changing the difference in height level between the water vessel and the experimental pot, you can influence the suction. When the lower end (transparant male Luer) of the Rhizon Irrigator is in a vessel water and the water level is 30 cm under the level of the Rhizon Irrigator in the experimental pot, this means there is 30 cm suction. 

Available Rhizon Irrigators

All Rhizon Irrigators have a porous part with a diameter of 2.5 mm. At one end of the porous part there is a 100 cm tube with male luer, at the other end 60 cm tube with female luer lock and stop cock. The porous part is reinforced with nylon wire. All Rhizon Irrigators are sold per set of 10.

Rhizon Irrigators


cm porous

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Rhizon Irrigator, porous part 15 cm - 19.21.71



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