RhizonBox for direct soil moisture sampling

New product available: RhizonBoxes for a direct sampling of soil moisture in the rhizosphere during growth experiments or root research. In the front plate, there are 2183 holes with a lateral distance of 5 mm, which allow direct sampling near the roots with MicroRhizons.

The dimensions of the RhizonBox are: height 33 cm, width 22 cm, depth 4 cm. You can purchase your RhizonBox under article number 19.31.80. A Rhizon Irrigator for passive irrigation is included. 

RhizonBox  with MicroRhizons - 19.31.80 Detail RhizonBox


An instruction for the installation of the RhizonBox is available for download.

Special Rhizons developed for your experiments

If the standard Rhizons do not meet the requirements of your experiments, RRP develops and produces custom made Rhizons, called Specials. There are many possible varieties for Specials, for example: 

Rhizon special - short porous part - 19.21.01X10 Rhizons with a very short porous part for use in small pots or cores with a small diameter
Special - Rhizon with sleeve Rhizons with a sleeve to prevent leakage of pore water from vessel or column
  MacroRhizons with a PVC tube of up to 3 m for use at a depth of 1.5 -2.0 m

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